Boosting your trade in value

Trading in your vehicle is a great way to reduce the cost of upgrading to something better; however, in order to get the best possible value for your ride, you need to cover a few important basics. The following savvy moves will ensure that your vehicle is turning heads for all the right reasons while maximizing its trade in value.

Turn problems into highlights 
Take a good honest look at your vehicle and make a list of all the things that are clearly in need of improvement, such as worn tires, squeaky brakes, cracked windshields, warped wipers, etc. Select a few of those more problematic issues and have them taken care of, as you will more than likely recoup the cost of your investment thanks to an increased trade in value.

Make it shine 
 Few people will be interested in buying a vehicle that is dirty inside or out, so put some time and effort into ensuring that your ride is looking its best. Washing and polishing the outside and vacuuming, cleaning and deodorizing the inside will boost its trade in value considerably; to have your vehicle looking its absolute invest in professional detailing.

Keep meticulous records 
 The more comprehensive your vehicle records are the better, especially if you have done a good job of staying on top of regular repairs and maintenance. If you have lost or misplaced any records talk to your mechanic as they will likely have details relating to any work they have done on your vehicle. 

Don't wait too long! 
 Driving your vehicle into the ground may seem like a great way to get your money's worth, but if you are hoping for a decent trade in value you'd be wise to do so while it still has at least a little life left. Apart from ensuring that your vehicle is in good enough condition to resell it, the fewer kilometres it has on it the more valuable it will be. 

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