7 Easy ways to drive a little greener

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   30 Jan 2018

Want to minimise your impact on the environment this year? If so, start by driving a little greener. Here we will look at a few of the many easy ways to go about it.

1.Lighten your load 

The more weight you have in your vehicle the faster you will burn through fuel, so for the sake of the environment as well as your wallet, lighten your load. Simply remove and store anything that you won’t need to use today – such as random tools, toys, landscaping materials or sporting equipment – and you’ll enjoy a noticeable boost in the fuel economy levels of whatever it is you drive.

2.Inflate your tires 

Underinflated tires cause unnecessary drag on your vehicle, which is bad news for efficiency, so get into the habit of checking your tire pressure any time you fuel up. Portable tire pressure gauges are inexpensive and easy to use, so pick one up, and consult your Vehicle Owner’s Manual for the recommended tire pressure levels.

3.Stop idling

Burning fuel when you are going nowhere is not the smartest move, as apart from wasting a rather expensive and non-renewable resource, idling means a whole lot of harmful and unnecessary fumes are being released into the environment. It takes a lot less fuel to turn off your vehicle and then start it again when you need to get going than it does to sit there idling, so if you are going to be stopped somewhere for more than a few seconds turn off your engine.

4.Take a slow and steady approach

Speeding up and slowing down quickly isn’t just hard on your engine, brakes, and various other vehicle components, it also means you will burn through fuel fast, which is bad for your budget as well as the environment. For the sake of all concerned, speed up and slow down a little more gradually whenever possible.

5.Top up the tank

When your gas tank is empty, crud and gunk accumulated at the bottom can get sucked up into your engine, which not only undermines your fuel efficiency but means your ride runs a little dirtier. While it isn’t always possible to keep your tank full, try not to let it fall below the quarter-full mark.

6.Service it 

Having the oil changed, fluids topped up, and your ride thoroughly inspected regularly ensures that it is always running cleanly and efficiently, so never miss a check-up. If funds are tight, learn how to do a few of those more basic vehicle maintenance tasks yourself, as many are simple, easy, and inexpensive.

7.Car pool

Got friends, family, or co-workers heading to the same place as you? If so, why not drive there together? Not only will it mean one less vehicle on the road, but you’ll both save money on fuel and benefit from each other’s company.

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