5 Simple steps to greener driving

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   08 Apr 2019


One of the easiest ways to reduce your impact on the environment is to drive a little greener and doing so often requires very little time, money or effort. Here we will look at 5 simple steps that every driver can take to drive a little greener this year.

  1. Lighten your load

The more weight you have in your vehicle the more fuel it will require; therefore, carrying heavy and unnecessary items around with you means spending more money on fuel and taking a greater toll on the environment as well. Make it a habit to only ever carry around items in your vehicle that you absolutely have to, as this will make every drive cleaner, cheaper, and much more efficient.

  1. Top up your tank

Having a clean supply of fuel to work with makes it easier for your vehicle’s engine to run cleaner too; however, when you let your fuel levels get low, crud and gunk that has accumulated at the bottom of the tank can get sucked up into your engine, undermining efficiency and causing your ride to run dirtier too. Avoid this common problem simply by keeping your fuel tank topped up above the half-full point as much as possible.

  1. Stop idling

Unless you drive a fully electric vehicle your engine requires fuel in order to run; therefore, having your engine running when you are going nowhere makes very little sense at all, especially when you consider that it requires far less fuel to turn off your engine and then start it again than it does to sit there idling. Anytime you will be stopped for more than a few seconds turn off your vehicle – it’ll save you money and benefit the environment at the same time!

  1. Service your vehicle regularly

Have a qualified mechanic regularly inspect and service your vehicle, as this will ensure that small problems are noticed before they grow into larger, dirtier and more expensive ones. Regular maintenance won’t just make it easier to keep your ride running smoothly; it will also mean you get the longest possible lifespan from it, which will help to reduce your impact on the environment even further.

  1. Drive less

As wonderful as it may be to have a great vehicle that doesn’t mean you need to drive everywhere you go, especially if you want to maximize your health and minimize your impact on the environment. When you do drive, think about your route ahead of time and plan one than is as direct as possible, as this way you won’t be wasting time and fuel driving around in circles. There are a wide range of apps that make route planning easy, such as Waze, CoPilot GPS, and Google Maps.

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