Preparing your ride for Spring

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   26 Mar 2018

After a long, harsh, and seemingly never-ending winter, spring is finally almost with us once again, which means that it is time to give your beloved ride some much needed care and attention. Make sure that whatever you drive is ready to thrive all year long by keeping the following spring car care tips firmly in mind.

Wash every inch

Dirt, mud and salt left caked on your vehicle won’t just undermine its looks, it increases the chance of rust getting established, so take the time to give your ride a complete and thorough washing. Pay particularly close attention to all those hard to reach places, such as the wheel wells, beneath the hood, and the underside of the vehicle, as this is where rust is most likely to take hold.

Empty, vacuum, and air

Once you have washed the outside of the vehicle empty the entire cabin – including all of those many pockets, pouches, and compartments – then take the most powerful vacuum you can find and vacuum every nook and cranny. Finally, wind down all the windows and hit the highway for a decent-length drive, as this will help blast out any stale air or unpleasant smells that may have accumulated in there over winter.

Switch your treads

As great as winter tires may be when the roads are cold and icy, as soon as the temperatures are consistently above 7°C you are better off with your summer/all-season treads. Continuing to drive on your winter tires past this point will not only risk damaging them, it will undermine your vehicle’s fuel efficiency as well.

Have it serviced

Reward your ride for getting you through another winter unscathed by having it serviced by a qualified mechanic, as this will ensure that all of those many crucial components are ready to thrive all year long. Not only is it vital to have all those brakes, bulbs, and belts inspected, but be sure to have your battery tested as well, because winter temperatures can make it harder for an ageing battery to hold a charge and therefore seriously undermine its reliability.

Treat your fabrics right

If you want your vehicle to look its best for years to come you need to ensure that its many fabrics are well protected; after all, with summer just around the corner they will need to be ready to handle all of those hot and bright days ahead. If you don’t know already, find out what your vehicle’s various materials are made from by consulting your vehicle owner’s manual, then invest in the appropriate products and apply them carefully according to their directions.

Whether you need advice on caring for your vehicle this spring or are in the market for an upgrade, the skilled and knowledgeable team here at Bargain Auto Centre will be more than happy to help. Just give us a call, check us out online, or stop by and test drive something today. Your dream ride is right here waiting for you!

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