5 Big benefits you get from a remote starter

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   10 Apr 2018

Considering an upgrade or two for your ride this year? If so, do yourself a favour and invest in a remote starter, because no other single feature or function will make a bigger difference. Here we will look at some of the many benefits you can expect.

1.Protect your engine

Your engine is made up of many moving parts, all of which need to be properly lubricated in order to function at their best, and starting your vehicle before you even get there will allow a little extra time for your engine oil to do its job properly. Not only will this savvy move improve your engine’s performance, it will reduce the chance of wear, tear, and damage, particularly during winter when freezing temperatures can cause engine oil to thicken and therefore take a little longer to make its rounds.

2.Maximise your comfort

No matter if it is freezing cold or swelteringly hot outside, with a remote starter your ride will always be the perfect temperature when you step inside. Simply start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office and it will be as warm or as cool as you want it to be in time for your arrival. Better yet, pre-emptively warming your ride in winter will mean there is less ice and snow accumulated on it when you get there, which means a whole lot less scraping and clearing will be required.

3.Save time

If you’ve got better things to do with your time than wait for your vehicle to warm up or cool down, you will love your remote starter, because having these crucial tasks taken care of before you even get there will mean your ride is ready to go as soon as you are. Your remote starter will also take careful note of the exact location of your vehicle, ensuring that there is less time wasted looking for it when you park in busy or unfamiliar areas.

4.Improve security

Are you a forgetful type with an unfortunate habit of leaving your vehicle unlocked? Not a problem, your remote starter has you covered, because not only can it tell whether or not your ride is locked, but if you have indeed forgotten to secure your vehicle it allows you to do so remotely. As a result, your ride won’t be left vulnerable for long and you will never again need to worry about whether or not your vehicle is safe and secure.

5.Boost your vehicle’s value

Remote starters have fast become a popular feature with drivers across North America, which means that if you should ever decide to sell your vehicle one day, investing in a remote starter is a fantastic way to boost its overall value.

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