How to protect your vehicle against rust

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   20 Apr 2018

Rust can cause a huge amount of damage to a vehicle, so if you want your ride to be at its best for long, a rust protection plan is essential. Here we will look at some of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your vehicle from rust, many of which are cheap or even free.

Keep it clean

One of the best ways to prevent rust from getting started is to stop dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating, which means taking the time to thoroughly wash your vehicle on a regular basis. For best results, wash your vehicle at least once a month (or even more if you live near the ocean or in a place that salts the roads during winter) and focus on all of those hard to reach areas, such as the bumper, wheel wells, and the underside of the vehicle.

Inspect it regularly

The sooner you notice corrosion starting the cheaper and easier it will be to handle; therefore, get into the habit of inspecting your vehicle every time you fuel up. The most common signs of rust include paint that is cracking, peeling, or flaking, along with any kind of blisters, bulges or bubbling. Should you come across anything that looks even remotely worrying, have a qualified rust expert take a look at it for you ASAP.

Apply a protective coating

A great way to prevent rust is by making it harder for the surface of your vehicle to be damaged, which is exactly what wax and other protective coatings do by stopping debris, moisture, and even sunlight from negatively impacting your ride. While each product is different, most experts recommend reapplying protective coatings at least once every three or four months, many of which are extremely fast and easy to do so yourself.

Invest in running boards

Rocks flicked up by your tires can cause chips and cracks in the side of your vehicle, each of which provides a clear opportunity for rust to get established; however, you can seriously reduce this constant threat just by investing in a set of running boards. Aside from making it easier to get in and out of your ride, those boards will help keep your vehicle safe from damage and therefore help keep rust at bay as well. 

Park smart

Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a covered location, as this will not only protect it from the elements, but make it easier to keep clean, both of which will help to prevent rust as well. If nothing else, at least avoid parking under trees, as their leaves and needles contain natural oils that can undermine your vehicle’s coatings, not to mention that they can slip into your ride’s cracks and vents unnoticed, resulting in corrosion starting and spreading fast.

If you need advice on protecting your ride from rust or are searching for a quality used vehicle this year, Bargain Auto Centre can help. Just check out our wide range of vehicles online, give us a call, or stop by and see our team of friendly professionals today.

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