Top driving apps of 2018

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   19 May 2018

Want to make driving a little safer, easier, and more enjoyable this year? If so, check out the following apps, because each one will make a huge difference every time you head out. Here we will take a brief look at a few of their many highlights.


While this great driving app certainly isn’t new, it is guaranteed to save you time, money, and hassle. Waze is designed to find the fastest route to wherever you need to go by tapping into the latest information regarding everything from accidents, road construction, and speed cameras to special event delays. It even lets you share your location with friends and family, which makes co-ordinating pick-ups and drop-offs a whole lot easier.


If you need to track your mileage, fuel usage, or any other driving-related data for work, you will love this app, as it documents and organizes all of that crucial information for you. MileIQ tracks each and every drive automatically; lets you classify trips as being either business or personal; and generates a simple and customizable report that’ll make tax time easy.


Need a little help planning your next road-trip? If so, this is the app for you, as it makes it easy to find the best routes, line up your accommodation, and even take suggestions from friends and family directly through the app. It also provides access to a wide range of trip guides, offers tips on exploring popular destinations, and connects you with reviews of everything from tours and hotels to highways, campgrounds, and national parks.


Want to get the best price on gas every time? Then get this app, because it will show you the latest prices from all of the gas stations near you right now, wherever you are. Get involved in reporting gas prices in your local area and you will be entered into draws to win hundreds of dollars in free gas; better yet, join ‘Pay with GasBuddy’ and you will save money every time you fill up.


If you drive an electric vehicle, this great app will take the guesswork out of finding your next charge, as it provides up-to-date details regarding over 50,000 charging stations. You can filter your search based on the type of plug your vehicle uses; bookmark your favourite locations; and there is even a Trip Planning feature that will make planning your next road trip simple.


Does your idea of a great drive involve having plenty of podcasts to listen to? If so, Castbox was made for people like you. It boasts more than 50 million podcast episodes from dozens of countries; you can build your own personal library, and it will even offer suggestions of other podcasts you may enjoy based on your current list of favourites.

Even the best driving apps need a great ride in order to make the most of them and you won’t find a better range of quality used vehicles than here at Bargain Auto Centre. Just give us a call, get in touch online, or drop by and see us in person today.

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