Family friendly features worth investing in

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   15 Jun 2018

Looking for a new ride for your family this year? If so, keep the following features in mind, because they will help to keep your mob safe, comfortable, and content on every drive, no matter how far you are going.

Remote starter

It can be hard enough getting your kids loaded up in your vehicle without having to deal with freezing cold or sweltering hot conditions when you step inside, but with a remote starter this common problem will be a thing of the past. Simply start your vehicle a few minutes before you head out and the cabin will be as warm or as cool as you want it to be in time for your arrival.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Modern families want and need to stay connected at all times and with Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities on board you will never miss a beat. Aside from making it a whole lot easier to keep your kids entertained, keeping in touch with family, friends, and even clients while you are on the go will be a piece of cake.

Rearview camera

Having a clear view of any and all hazards surrounding your vehicle will make it easier to keep everyone safe, and a rearview camera is the next best thing to having eyes in the back of your head. Whether you are navigating crowded campsites, narrow streets, or busy parking lots, doing so will be much less challenging with a rearview camera on board.

Power doors

When you have your hands full with kids, toys, or groceries, loading and unloading your vehicle can be difficult to say the least, but with power side or rear doors you’ll be in or out with just the push of a button. Sensor activated doors are a particularly huge bonus, because as long as you have your keys in your purse or pocket the doors will unlock automatically as soon as you touch the handle.

Rear-seat entertainment system

If you spend a lot of time driving with your kids you will love this feature, as it is will keep your little ones quiet and content all the way from A to B. While you may not want to have your kids glued to a screen for every minute of every drive, an in-vehicle rear seat entertainment system will be a huge bonus on those days when nothing seems to settle them down.

Integrated sunshades

A big part of keeping your children safe this summer will be ensuring that they don’t get too much sun, and while hats and sun screen will certainly help, it isn’t always enough. Integrated sunshades in your vehicle will do wonders to minimise their exposure to harmful UV rays, not to mention protect their eyes from glare; best of all, this savvy feature is also remarkably inexpensive.

At Bargain Auto Centre we are family people too, which means we know all about the simple features and little touches that matter most. You can view our wide range of family-friendly vehicles online, give us a call, or drop by and see us in person today.

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