8 Things you need in your emergency road kit this summer

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   29 Jun 2018

Gearing up for a summer road trip can be a whole lot of fun; however, no detail is more important than planning your emergency road kit. Keep the following tips in mind and you’ll be ready for just about anything.

1.First Aid Kit

A well-stocked First Aid Kit is absolutely essential; after all, having the ability to treat anything from scrapes and cuts to bites and burns can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a far more serious situation. Furthermore, if anyone in your group requires regular medication, pack a little extra just in case your trip lasts longer than expected.


Being without enough water on a hot summer’s day can get dangerous quickly, making it vital that you have plenty on board for you and all your passengers. Keep in mind that the average person requires roughly 2 litres of water per day to avoid dehydration.

3.Non-perishable food

An unexpected delay can mean you are stuck on the road for hours longer than you’d planned; therefore, be sure that you have enough food on board to make it through even a lengthy delay. For best results, prioritise non-perishable items, such as protein bars, canned fruit, chocolate, or even dried meat, fruit, or nuts, and if you are packing canned items don’t forget to bring a can opener!


A sun burn can seriously undermine your trip, which is why your emergency road kit should include a large bottle of sun screen, ideally one that offers ‘full-spectrum’ protection. However, even high quality sun screens will typically only last for 3 years, after which point they are no longer as effective, so check the expiry date on yours and replace it if necessary.


Having your own source of light will be crucial if you experience vehicle troubles at night, which is why you’d be wise to bring your own flashlight or headlamp with you. Be sure to pack an extra set of batteries as well, just in case, and store them in a waterproof bag or container.

6.Jumper cables

If you are far from home and your vehicle battery goes flat, having your own set of jumper cables is vital, as this way all you will need is another motorist willing to stop and you’ll be back on the road in no time. Better yet, consider investing in your own portable charging pack, especially if you will be heading somewhere particularly remote.

7.Rain jackets/ponchos

Getting caught out in a classic summer downpour can be a spectacular highlight of your trip, that is, if you are prepared for it. Be sure that you are by having rain jackets, umbrellas, or emergency ponchos on board at all times.

8.Tire changing kit

Your tire changing kit should only ever leave your vehicle to fix a tire, after which point it should be safely and neatly stowed back on board. Before heading off on your road trip, make sure that you have everything you need to handle any tire-related emergencies, including a patch kit and, of course, a spare tire that is in road-worthy condition.

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