6 Winter-friendly features your next ride needs to have

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   10 Oct 2018

Staying safe on winter roads requires a vehicle that can do it all, from dealing with ice and rain to handle hail, slush, and snow, so if you are in the market for a new chariot this year make sure that you know which features and functions matter most. Consider the following winter-friendly highlights well worth prioritizing.

  1. A remote starter

This savvy feature will fast become your new winter favourite, because not only will it ensure that your engine is primed and ready to handle those brutal conditions, but also that the cabin of the vehicle is toasty warm in time for your arrival. Furthermore, warming your vehicle ahead of time will mean that there is much less snow and ice to clear before you hit the road.

  1. Heated seats

Whether you are driving across town or right across the country, heated seats will ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable all the way from A to B this winter. Those with back or neck issues will benefit even further, as those heated seats will do wonders to keep your muscles loose and limber, reducing aches and pains significantly.

  1. A rearview camera

Winter conditions can undermine your driving visibility dramatically, but with a rearview camera on board you will always have a clear view of any and all hazards. Some systems will even include dynamic guideline features that are designed to guide you in and out of even the tightest of spaces.

  1. All-wheel-drive

If your neck of the woods tends to get a lot of snow each winter, all-wheel-drive is a must, as it gives your ride the pushing power it needs to get out of even deep snow. However, as great as AWD may be it does very little for your ability to stop on ice and snow covered roads, so be sure that your wheels are equipped with winter tires as well.

  1. Heated side mirrors

Ice and snow have a nasty habit of accumulating on the side mirrors of your vehicle during winter, which can seriously inhibit your ability to stay safe. With heated side mirrors help is just a push of a button away, so no matter how icy or snowy it gets you’ll always have a clear view out both sides of your ride.

  1. Winter wipers

Staying safe on winter roads is impossible without a clear windshield, therefore, you need a set of sharp and sturdy wipers that can keep all that ice and snow at bay. Winter wipers are inexpensive, easy to install, and are specially designed to deal with a heavy workload, and for best results you’d be wise to replace them at least every other year.

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