5 Great gifts for car lovers

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   17 Dec 2018

Are you searching for a last-minute gift for a car lover in your life? If so, never fear, because we’ve got 5 great gift ideas right here that are sure to hit the mark.

  1. A remote starter

This thoughtful gift is guaranteed to get a great response, as it’ll mean your loved one can start their ride from the comfort of their home or office all winter long. That remote starter will also help to ensure that their vehicle’s engine has plenty of time to warm up before hitting the road, reducing the chance of damage. Better yet, starting their vehicle ahead of time will reduce the amount of snow and ice that needs to be scraped when they get there.

  1. Seat covers

There is a lot to be said for having a warm and comfortable place to sit, especially when you are dealing with winter conditions, which is why this great gift is sure to be very much appreciated. Aside from making every drive a lot more comfortable, seat covers provide a crucial layer of protection against cuts, spills, and scrapes, not to mention that they offer a fun way to add a dose of style, colour, and even humour to any ride.

  1. A portable jump-starting pack

If your special someone does a lot of driving late at night or in particularly remote areas, this thoughtful gift could be an absolute game-changer. With their own portable jump-starting pack on board, your loved one will never again be left vulnerable should their battery go flat when there are few others around to help.

  1. Professional driver training

There is no better way to become a more skilled and confident driver than by investing in professional driver training, which makes this a fantastic gift for drivers of every level of skill or experience. Whether you pay for them to do winter driving training, a defensive driving program, or even to attend racing school, you can rest assured that your gift will go a long way towards keeping your loved one safe.

  1. A detailing package

If you are shopping for a car lover who has it all, this gift is sure to do the trick, as it’ll make it easy for them to have their beloved ride looking great. Detailing packages can include anything from washing and waxing to repairing chips, cracks, and scrapes, and you are sure to find a package to suit almost any budget. If you are short on cash, create your own gift certificate and offer to wash your loved one’s ride for them next time they need it.

Whether you are searching for a last minute gift or are looking to treat yourself this holiday season, you’ll find everything you want and need right here at Bargain Auto Centre. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts are always happy to help; our range of quality used vehicles is second to none, and our prices won’t be beat. Why not drop by and see for yourself? You’ll find us here at 11141 156 Street NW Edmonton.

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