5 Things you'll love about a remote starter

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   28 Jan 2019

Looking for a way to upgrade your beloved ride this year? If so, consider investing in a remote starter, because no other feature, function, or capability will make a bigger difference. Let’s dive in and find out what makes this simple feature such a popular one with Canadian drivers from coast to coast.

  1. Set the temperature

Never again will you be forced to start your drive by stepping into a freezing cold or scorching hot vehicle, because with your remote starter you can simply start your ride ahead of time, set the ideal temperature, and the cabin conditions will be perfect when you get there. This will be a particularly big benefit for those who have kids; people who suffer from aches, pains, or health conditions; as well as drivers who regularly transport temperature-sensitive items, such as food, plants, or art.

  1. Less ice and snow to clear

One of the least enjoyable parts of any Canadian winter is having to clear ice and snow from your vehicle each morning; however, with a remote starter you’ll have a whole lot less of both to deal with. This is because one of the side-benefits of warming the cabin of your vehicle is that you’ll be warming the exterior too, which means much of that ice and snow will have melted away before you even get there.

  1. Hit the road sooner

It is wise to give your vehicle a little extra time to warm up during winter, because cold temperatures can cause engine oil to thicken and therefore it takes a little longer for it to reach and lubricate those many moving parts. With a remote starter, doing right by your vehicle doesn’t have to mean sitting around and waiting for your engine oil to do its thing, as you can simply start your ride a few minutes before you leave the house and it’ll be ready to go when you are.

  1. Hands-free capabilities

If you spend a whole lot of time with your hands full with kids, tools, toys, or groceries, you’ll love your remote starter, because most models allow you to unlock your vehicle with just the push of a button. Better yet, some models even offer proximity key entry systems, which means that as long as you have your remote starter with you the doors will unlock automatically as soon as you grab the handle.

  1. Keep your ride safe

There is nothing worse than worrying about whether or not you have locked your vehicle, especially if you are now far from where you’ve parked it, as this will usually mean either a long walk back or potentially leaving your vehicle at risk. Not only will many remote starters tell you whether or not your ride is secured, but if it isn’t, they will allow you to lock it from anywhere within a rather large distance range.

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