The savvy seniors guide to vehicle shopping

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   11 Feb 2019

Looking for a great ride to help make the most of your retirement? If so, read on, because the following tips will ensure that your golden years will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Keep it flexible

Now that you’ve finally got some time on your hands, you’ll likely be doing a whole lot more catching up with friends, hanging out with grandkids, or perhaps even heading off on a road trip or two, which means you’ll need a ride that is ready for anything. Vehicles with split-fold seats make it easy to adjust your cabin space to suit your needs, while adjustable driver and passenger seating will ensure that whoever sits up front will always be comfortable. Dual-zone climate control systems are also well worthwhile, as they will put an end to debates over setting the ideal cabin temperature.

Go hands-free

Your hands, fingers, and joints may not be as flexible as they once were; therefore, make life easy on yourself by investing in a few hands-free features. Proximity Key Entry systems and Pushbutton Start make getting in and going easy, while Voice Activated Controls can make it simple to do anything from change the music to answer your phone hands-free.

Boost your visibility

The better you can see the road the easier it will be to stay safe, so make sure that whatever vehicle you choose makes it easy to see in every direction. A ride with higher set seating will often provide a better view; oversized mirrors can help to reduce your blind spot, while large and clear data display screens can make a world of difference. A Rearview Camera is also a must, as it will make everything from navigating busy campgrounds to dealing with tricky reverse parking manoeuvres a piece of cake.

Get comfortable

You’ve worked long and hard enough to have earned a little comfort, so make sure that your next vehicle is your new favourite place to be. Soft-touch materials are a must, ergonomic designed seating is essential, and having pockets and pouches in all the right places will make a drive of any length a whole lot better. If you are a fan of listening to the radio or love your tunes, ensure that whatever vehicle you choose has a quality sound system as well.

Stay safe

Nothing matters more than staying safe and doing so starts with having a suite of airbags protecting you from every angle. Furthermore, Traction Control systems will keep your ride hugging the road through every twist and turn; Hill Start Assist is a huge benefit if you’ll be dealing with hills regularly, and if you plan on driving little ones around, Rear Child Door Locks are essential. You can take your safety to the next level with features such as Lane Departure Alerts, Rear Cross-Traffic Alerts, or Blind Spot Monitoring capabilities.

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