Preparing your ride for spring

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   11 Mar 2019

Winter is finally coming to an end in many parts of Canada, which means that spring is just around the corner. Is your ride ready? Here we will look at some of the most important elements to keep in mind when preparing your vehicle for spring.

Empty, clean, and air it out

If your vehicle has become somewhat of a storage unit over the winter, now is the time to reclaim that space. Empty all of those pockets, pouches, and compartments; put camping and sporting gear back into storage; and remove coffee cups, food wrappers, and any other garbage you can find. Next, vacuum the interior, treat any special fabrics with the appropriate products, and wash every inch of the exterior. Finally, wind down the windows and hit the highway for a decent length drive, as this is a great way to blast out unpleasant odors.

Have it serviced

Winter can be hard on a vehicle and not all problems will be obvious to the untrained eye; therefore, make sure that all is well with your ride by having it serviced by a qualified mechanic. The sooner you spot a potential issue the faster, cheaper, and easier it will be to fix it, and even if all is well with your ride having things like the fuses changed, the fluids topped up, and the wheels realigned will ensure that it is running at its best.

Repair minor damages

Take note of any damage you discover when cleaning your vehicle, including even minor issues such as chips in the windscreen, bent windscreen wipers, frayed materials, or scratches, scrapes, and stains. Rank your vehicle’s ‘issues’ from most-to-least important and work your way through your list in this order. If you find any major issues contact a professional for help, although keep in mind that you can fix a lot of minor damage yourself as there is no shortage of DIY guides online and you’ll step-by-step instructions for many fixes in your Vehicle Owner’s Manual.

Switch back to regular treads

As soon as the temperatures where you live are consistently warmer than 7°C it is time to switch back over to your summer treads, because those softer winter treads will be vulnerable to damage when the roads get rougher and warmer again. For best results, keep an eye on the long term weather forecast and err on the side of waiting a little longer before making your move. If you have your tires switched back over only to be surprised by one more dose of winter weather, avoiding heading out unless you absolutely have to.

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