5 Easy ways to boost your ride's trade-in value

By: Bargain Auto Centre   |   25 Mar 2019

Trading in your vehicle is a great way to save money on upgrading to something better; however, in order to get the best possible return for your current ride you need to cover a few important bases first. For best results keep the following simple tips in mind, as they will ensure that your trade-in day is memorable for all the right reasons.

  1. Keep the kilometres down

Most potential buyers will be looking for a vehicle that has plenty of life left in it and there is no better way to show that yours is far from finished than by keeping that odometer reading down. Therefore, it is wise to consider trading-in your vehicle a little sooner rather than later, as this will do wonders to ensure that you get a far better return for it.

  1. Deal with any rust

Let’s be clear, no one likes rust, so if you have any signs of corrosion on your vehicle have it dealt with prior to trade-in day. Pay particularly close attention to the wheel wells, beneath the bumper, and the underside of the vehicle, as this is where rust is most likely to start. If you see blisters, bulges, or bubbling anywhere on your vehicle have them inspected by a trained professional ASAP.

  1. Invest in detailing

Cleaning your vehicle is obviously a must and taking a DIY approach can sure be effective; however, if you want your ride to be looking its absolute best have it detailed by professionals. You can find detailing packages that include everything from washing, waxing and vacuuming right through to dealing with chips and scratches, so do yourself a favour and treat your ride to some pro-grade TLC.

  1. Upgrade something

The more you have to highlight about your vehicle the better return you will get for it; therefore, it is well worth upgrading a feature or two if you have the time and money to do so. Keep in mind that you will likely recoup any money you spend by way of getting a higher trade-in value and even small changes can make a big difference, such as replacing the windshield wipers, adding new seat covers, or investing in a remote starter.

  1. Organize your paperwork

Having a clear track-record of any and all work you’ve had done on your vehicle will certainly help, especially if you’ve done a good job of staying on top of your regular vehicle servicing, maintenance, and repairs. If you have misplaced some of those vital records simply contact your mechanic, as they will likely have their own copy that they can share with you.

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